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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

We've got a whole new world of news for you

When you hear "TV," you think video, and when you hear "newspaper" you might think print, but think again.
This week, the local TV news was getting its video from this newspaper.
That's because The Morning Journal now delivers the news "digital first." We report breaking news to you right now, online, with photos and video, at and via Twitter and Facebook.
Our court reporter, Kelly Metz, was in the courtroom Monday with her Flip video camera running when convicted killer Neil Simpson approached the jury in the sentencing phase of his trial to make a statement, but spit at them instead. Deputies immediately grabbed him and hustled him out of the courtroom.
Kelly rushed back to the newsroom and we posted her video and story of the incident on our website. No other news organization had captured the scene that Kelly had. Some hours later, a local TV station asked for permission to use Kelly's video, giving The Morning Journal credit, and we agreed.
The "digital first" initiative is something we are doing along with all our sister papers in Journal Register Company under the direction of CEO John Paton who is literally re-inventing the newspaper business for the 21st century.
That kind of change can be hard to grasp if I'm just talking to you about it. But when you see a TV station running a video that has The Morning Journal's name on it, that video is worth a thousand words of explanation.
Every one of our reporters carries a video camera at all times, and we bring you the news right now, digital first, and fast, online and then later, slower, in print with the context and analysis that print provides best.
Involving our readers in coming up with story ideas, facts, photos and video, especially for our July 4 edition, is another huge facet of what we're doing. Check it out, and jump in to the new world of news The Morning Journal is bringing to you.


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