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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Community Media Lab gearing up fast

Meet the first bloggers in The Morning Journal’s Community Media Lab.  They’re already posting to their blogs and the special Media Lab page will soon be up on this website where you can find them, and more citizen journalists as we move forward.
Right now, you can check out the three Lorain bloggers, starting from this page.
Chad Earl, a community organizer, calls his blog WOW: Words of Wisdom.
Downtown businessman Kevin Salisbury writes the Broadway Connection blog.
And Jim Brooks, who works in nursing, talks about the world in his Outside the Lines blog.

Check them out, and if you are interested in doing a blog, e-mail me at
Tell me what topic you would like to blog about, and provide the name and short description for your blog. And if you’re really ambitious, submit a sample blog post.
The Morning Journal’s Community Media Lab will help you set up your blog, give you guidance on writing and reporting and provide a spot on our website where your blog can be found easily. The rest is up to you; it’s your blog.


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