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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Get started with a local blog

This week, we just welcomed a new local blog on politics -- "Politics Are Personal" -- to the Community Media Lab at The Morning Journal, and we're looking to help even more people get started blogging.

Blogs are easy to set up and we'll help you get started. All you need to bring along is your imagination, talent and a willingness to write frequent short blog posts on your topic of choice.

What are blogs about? Most anything. But most importantly, they should focus on the local scene. 

That means writing about doings in your city or village council, or your township. It also could mean writing about what's happening in your school or school district. And, blogs can be about what's going on in your neighborhood, your church, social organization or club. Blogs can even be about topics such as hobbies and share information with like-minded local hobbyists.

If you want to try blogging, we'll give you the help you need for a quick start, plus ongoing advice or help anytime you need it.

To get started, just email me -- Tom Skoch -- at


Friday, October 15, 2010

Join the Community Media Lab as a local 'news' blogger

The Community Media Lab at The Morning Journal is a place in our newsroom, and an online space where we help local individuals to become community bloggers presenting news and views from their own perspective.

I'd like to see many more local bloggers in addition to those who presently are in the Community Media Lab. There's no end of news space on the Internet.

To that end, The Editor's Column which I write weekly will next be about the media lab and how readers can become writers and tell the news close to them through blogs we can help them to create. That column is coming on Sunday, Oct. 16, so please be sure to check it out in print or at

Meanwhile, here's a video hint.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Try some pumpkin soup, and try your hand at community blogging, too

The frost isn't on the pumpkin quite yet, but the recipe for Simple Pumpkin Soup is ready for you to sample in Deb Brady's Cooking Easy With Deb blog in the Community Media Lab on

Cooking Easy With Deb is only one of several local blogs by regular people just like you in our  Community Media Lab.

If you have a blog, or would like to start one, and be part of the Community Media Lab, send me an email at and share your idea. We'll give your blog a home with a built-in audience.

In the Community Media Lab we'll help you set it up a blog, show you how to update it and provide some basic guidance for your role as a community journalist.

Blogs can focus on most any topic from local politics, news in your neighborhood, doings at your church or social organization, recipes, hobbies, you name it.

Check out the Community Media Lab. We've got lots of room for more blogs, just contact me at